Advantages of Being an Electrician

Many people do not understand the full importance of electricians, it takes not only dedication, but you have to possess the ability to think on your feet and make decisions promptly. To become an electrician, you should have a strong commitment to education, often times before becoming certified you’ll work as an electrician’s apprentice. Through your apprenticeship, they’ll teach you the critical skills you need to work construction, manufacturing or at an electrical power company. You’ll learn how to interpret blueprints, and how to understand electrical codes. You’ll also learn how to install, repair, and replace different wiring, conduits, and other electrical components. It’s recommended that you go through at least a 3-year apprenticeship program and 2000 hours of paid training.

When a contractor takes on a construction job, having a well-trained electrician is vital, it not only ensures your client’s safety but also helps protect the lives of you and your crew. Before you go through an electrician apprenticeship program, you must have at least 143 hours of training. Going to a trade school is highly recommended, they’ll teach you everything, including, maintaining safety, soldering, and first aid practices. This training is essential if you plan on going into construction or maintenance work. Becoming an electrician doesn’t require a degree, but in most states, it does require some sort of licensing or certification. If you’re looking to get an electrician certification Chicago IL has plenty of trade schools that can assist you, here are some of the advantages of being an electrician.

Affordable Education

Becoming an electrician doesn’t require you any sort of college degree, but it will require some sort of trade schooling. Unlike going to a formal university, which can end up costing tens-of-thousands of dollars, trade schools are an affordable option and training usually takes a year or less to complete.


One of the best aspects of being an electrician is you can work where and whenever you want. Often times working as a freelance or independent electrician will give you the ability to work wherever you like, it’s a career that provides not only flexibility but also a stable income. Being an electrician will open you up to many different career opportunities, allowing you to work at construction sites, for private customers, or for a union. It’s also a career that comes with plenty of advancement opportunities, after working as an apprentice, you’ll have the option to become a Master Electrician, and maybe eventually even open your own business.

Pays Well

Being an electrician is not only a respectable job, but it also pays quite well; in fact, most electrically usually make at least $29 an hour, which is equal to seventy thousand a year. As you advance, the more experience you have will increase your salary, experienced electricians often make over $100,000 a year.

High Demand

Nowadays an electrician is one of the highest demand jobs you can have; contractors are often searching for certified electricians to help them complete the job. The demand for electricians is only expected to grow, Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates electrician jobs will increase by 25% by 2023.